Tribune Pushes For Speed Camera Bill

The Chicago Tribune editorial board got behind the new speed camera bill in a big editorial in Sunday’s paper, instructing Gov. Quinn to sign the bill.

But what’s interesting is, the editorial board supports the bill even after the Tribune’s own reporting exposed some serious weaknesses in the data and assumptions about the data as a cure for pedestrian safety of children.

The Expired Meter points out how laughable it is for the paper to shed light on problems with the speed camera bill just to have the Trib editorial board to give the bill a sloppy, open-mouthed kiss.

Newspaper Critical Of Speed Camera Law

If Chicago gets speed cameras, it won’t be long before they come to other places outside the city.

At least that’ s the theory the editorial board of the Mundelein Review newspaper believes and outlined in a recent editorial.

If Chicago gets them, you can rest assured Lake County communities will be standing in line to get the same deal.

Really? What proof do they have?

Maybe the fact that just a few years after Chicago purchased and began installing its own red light cameras back in 2003, the Illinois state legislature passed a bill expanding RLC enforcement to other towns besides Chicago is evidence of this notion by the newspaper.

Here’s the Mundelein Review unabridged editorial, “Our View: Not a pretty picture for these cameras.”

Some Alternative Safety Measures To Speed Cams

Local blogger Scott Paulson has a few ideas to help improve the safety of school Children, and it’s not speed cameras.

Paulson believes installing speed humps or bumps on streets adjacent to schools, as well as limiting traffic during school hours and having designated bus drop off and pickup spots where cars would not be allowed.

Obviously, these are much more practical ideas that impact where the highest concentration of children are during school hours–at the freakin’ school! As opposed to posting speed cameras 2 blocks away.

Here’s Paulson’s entire posting, “Speed camera options that are safer for children and not costly to drivers.”

REPORT: Speed Cameras Would Still Rake In The Dough

Those crafty lawmakers in Springfield thought they could make some minor changes to the speed camera bill (SB965) to get the votes they needed to pass it–and they succeeded.

The bill cut down on the hours of enforcement to 6 AM to 8:30 PM Monday thru Thursday and until 9 PM on Fridays.

They also established a two tier fine system where drivers over 5 mph above the limit would pay $50 while drivers over 11 mph would pay $100.

Oh gee, thanks! That makes everyone feel much better. Problem solved. Now it’s about safety and not about revenue.

Too bad those guys over at The Expired Meter have calculators and know how to do math.

Those guys revised their revenue estimates based on the changes outlined above and they still come up with a shocking $56 million of revenue for the first year of operation.

No, that’s not just for all 158 potential speed cameras, just the 7 original cameras the city did it’s speeding study on.

If 7 = $56 million, how much will 158 speed cameras generate?!?!?

No wonder Rahm Emanuel forced this bill through the state legislature so fast.

Here’s The Expired Meter’s report.

Red Light Camera Voted Out Of 7 Cities

Tuesday was a big day this past Tuesday for opponents of red light camera enforcement nationwide.

There were eight ballot measures or referendums across the U.S. giving local citizens a vote on whether red light cameras should be used in their towns

In seven of the eight referendums anti-RLC proponents won the day in Ohio, Texas and Washington, against a well funded pro-camera lobby that spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to support red light cameras according to The (more…)

Gov. Quinn May Veto Speed Camera Bill

Just heard an interview on WLS-AM with Governor Pat Quinn.

He didn’t sound like he was 100% sold on the speed camera bill with the implication he may veto it.

Quinn says he’s going to look over it with a “microscope” and that it sounds similar to the parking meter deal.

Citizens of Chicago and Illinois! Motorists everywhere!

We must tell Gov. Quinn how bad the speed camera enforcement bill is.

We must tell him we can’t afford $50 tickets for going a few miles over the speed limit! Tell him it’s not fair and Illinois families are struggling to survive this recession.

Call or email Governor Quinn today and ask him to VETO SB965–aka the Chicago Speed Camera Enforcement Bill!

Springfield office: 217-782-0244
Chicago office: 312-814-2121
Or email Governor Quinn here!

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